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Water Coolers Australia

Plumbed In Water Coolers

Our Plumbed in Dispensers are perfect for offices, making it easy to keep your staff hydrated. With a stylish modern design that suits any workplace and a connection to your mains water supply, these water coolers are ideal for low-maintenance hydration for your office.


Purpose-Built for Offices

The Water Works D5C has been built from the ground up for office buildings and public spaces, schools, or any area that requires access to both hot and cold water. 


The Water Dispenser has two taps - one that releases chilled water from the cooler's cold water reservoir, and another that releases hot or ambient water from the stainless steel hot water tank.


Whether you need a cold drink for a hot day in the office or a dash of hot water for a coffee, the Water Works D5Cseries can deliver. All of our dispensers use stainless steel chilled water tanks that hold 1.8 liters of chilled water. 


The Ideal Water Coolers for Low-Maintenance Refreshment

Thanks to its mains connected design, our Water Coolers are the ideal choice for businesses and office buildings that need low-maintenance drinking dispensers. 


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